Manual Labor

This weekend I spent 4 days up at my parents helping my father start to build his long dreamed of workshop. The break from internet access, and thus email, was refreshing. While they have dial-up, lets just say the user experience of an AJAX enabled email interface provides enough motivation to avoid the whole thing.

More importantly, I feel like I accomplished something. I guess that is the attraction of going off and doing something like swinging a hammer for 4 days. Unlike updating a million rows of data with some crafty SQL, banging together some walls has the advantage of being tangible at the end of the day. The only downside is the soar muscles and mosquito bites.

While up there, I also made some rye bread. Surprisingly, the bread turned out pretty well, especially since I forgot my bread spoon! The results were well received and the two loaves didn't last the weekend.

So, I offer up as a piece of advice. If you are finding yourself a little burned out from that IT grind, go and find some type of manual labor to do. The satisfaction is very rewarding.

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