Project Update

Over the weekend I had a bit of time to work on my workbench project. I glued up the tops. Needless to say, I had to use a "few" of my clamps.

Bohemian cultural weekend

My distant relatives hail from the Prague area of what is now the Czech Republic. This past weekend, my wife Lou and I visited my parents and ended up having a very Bohemian weekend. In the morning, we took a baking class to learn how to make the traditional kolache pastry. The picture below is of me doing the initial forming.

And my wife with a tray of the results...

And after about 3 hours, the results are pictured below. We also made some traditional dinner rolls with the same dough.

My parents make sauerkraut most years. This year, they turned 150 pounds of cabbage into about 100 pounds of kraut. The deal I have with my brother is he does the input (i.e. the slicing) and I do the output which ends up being the packing. So, after about 2 hours Saturday evening, we ended up with about 75 packages of kraut in the freezer.

Before we left the next day, Lou decided Daisy needed to pose with the pumpkins.



The last few weekends I have been helping a college friend named John build a garage. One could say he was cashing in a large stack of IOU's that he had acquired over the years moving me around the country and helping with miscellaneous building projects.

It has been fun constructing something but I have to say, the body doesn't keep up very well. I need to take some stock in the company that makes Ben Gay and Advil.

Project Update

The other day I got to the point on my workbench project where I could assemble things a little.