Bread Porn - Aug/Sep/Oct 2011

It's been a while since my last post.  Collecting materials for a couple of articles, but here is some bread porn from the last couple of months.

Some challah with some yellow raisins baked into the strands and a variation of pan bread with some whole wheat flour.

Some Two-Castle Rye from Advanced Bread and Pastry.

Some spelt-rye miche.  The two on the left were baked using the iron dutch-oven method from Tartine Bread and the larger one on the right was baked on a stone with steam. 

Some Cranberry-Fennel Rye, a variation of the same using figs and anise seeds, and some baguettes using flour from Central Milling.

Some hand mixed 3-Seed sourdough.

Some baguettes and a Prune-Orange Rye

Some walnut rye from Bread.