Bread Porn - Spring 2012

The last couple of months, career things have left little motivation to write about bread. For sanity reasons, I still found time to bake it however.  I also upgraded my camera to improve the quality of the resulting bread porn.  

Things have settled down a bit and wanted to take a moment a post some of the loaves that turned out especially well.  Enjoy!

The new camera allows for nice close-ups.  A whole-wheat / whole-rye sourdough from January.
Seven-Grain Sourdough and Baguettes from January.

I had a nice success with a 70% rye in February.
Some Challah in February.
Cranberry-Fenney Rye from February.
Two-Castle Rye from March

Some caraway rye from April.
A stiff levain based sourdough from April.