This weekends bread

Saturdays have turned into my bread making day. When we are around and don't have anywhere to be by noon, I make bread. This week, it was a "transitional" multi-grain and also a high fiber bread with oat bran and flax. Both are again from Peter Reinhart's excellent book on whole grain bread.

This book has turned me into a bit of a "bread nerd". I have invested in a bunch of loaf pans (more than we really needed) and several large mixing bowls. There is now about 5 different types of bread flour in our pantry and last weekend I spent the better part of 20 minutes considering the properties of a mixing spoon at William Sonoma. I even went to the point of ordering 1000 plastic bags from ULine and 2000 twist ties.

So far, my hobby has mostly eliminated the need for store bought bread around the house. I don't think it saves any money, especially when King Arther bread flour at almost $6.00 a bag. However, as a hobby, it provides the right combination of art and science to keep me out of trouble.

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