The "Why am I blogging" post...

Every blog I read has this type of post so I figured I should also. Besides after a while, it will be good to go back and review my original reasons.

Well, there are really two reasons, both experiments of sorts. Firstly, I increasingly find I need a place to store thoughts, comments, links and sniglets of information in some common, always accessible manner. Never being much of a "journaler", I would save things in bookmarks, short cuts, and so on. This leads to the second reason. I recently read (listened really) to special report in the April 12th, 2008 issue of the Economist on new media and digital nomads. This got me thinking about new media. Since part of my job role where I work is to support the local portal framework and listening to people complain about how it doesn't meet peoples needs. I figured blogging might be a good way to get me "in tune" with new media and solve my information storage issue at the same time.

Which reminds me... Also had a conversation with the unit director and he pointed out the myVOCS project which is an exercise in federated virtual collaboration. That just added more prompting to get me thinking about new media.