This weekends bread

This weekend, I got back into the bread making grove with some Cranberry-Pecan Cinnamon bread and another attempt at Pain de Mie. Both turned out much better now that I am back to using the King Arthur flour. Tried using the bread flour from Sam's Club but the cost savings was not worth the hassle.

I also attempted what I will call "Borkovetz Rye". This is an attempt to recreate the rye bread my great grandmother and grandmother use to make. I could never get the original recipe to turn out. Firstly it called for cake yeast which is hard to find and most of the measurements were approximate and thus dependent on that secret knowledge of my ancestors.

So, I started with Peter Rheinhart's rye recipe and tweeked it a little by adding the flavor combinations that the original recipe had. As a first attempt, it turned out pretty well. The flavor and texture is about where it should be. I made it with yogurt like the other rye I make but I think next time I will try it with butter milk. I think that will give it the right "sour" taste that is missing from this try. I will post the recipe when I get it finalized.

Now if only I had some liverwurst for on the rye bread...the evening would be complete.

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