Prague - Sunday

Well, I haven't done as much posting about Prague as I had hoped but I got inspired tonight. The Sunday after we arrived, Andi took us on a walking tour around the city. The main goal for the day was to visit Vysehrad castle in the southern part of the city.

This picture is Lou and Andi at the door to the chapel on the grounds and the next picture is of Lou and I on the wall with the city in the background.

I took the following picture from the wall looking down at one of the castle gates. We were basically walking along the top of the wall getting excellent pictures of the surrounding area.

like this...

We also wandered around the cemetery and I found some kin...

On the way out of the cemetery, Andi captured Lou and I in front of the church doors, though it looks a little "American Gothic".

Lou also took the opportunity to collect a civil engineering photo of the man hole cover.

Before we left, Andi did some interpretive dance among the statues in the garden.

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